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When Jon Century chose to dissolve his powerhouse hard rock group Into Century after 12 years, hundreds of shows (from Europe to Los Angeles), multiple European record deals and several hit videos (“Dare,” “Nobody’s Slave” on MTV and MTVu, he wrote the soulful ballad “The Past is Not the Past” to help him make sense of what he had been through while expressing his desire to embrace fresh creative possibilities.

Surrounded by lush ambience and an easy rolling pop/soul/electronica flow, the Danish born, Los Angeles based vocalist and songwriter sings, “But tell me the use of dreams/If you don’t believe that they could be real?” The next verse doubles as a form of mission statement for Century’s new full length collection that marks his first ever U.S. release under his own name: “I’m gonna wake up singing/picturing the world will be listening/I’m gonna try to get lost/lose it in the music.”  

This sets the stage for an extraordinary, sonically and rhythmically eclectic nine track set that’s all at once exhilarating and seductive, infused with adult pop, rock and electronica and driven thematically by a deep seated social consciousness and a sense of hopeful romance and emotional and spiritual reflection. While Century builds upon his catalog of songs (as founder and frontman of Into Century) tackling issues like human trafficking, his emergence as a solo artist allows him to share more a more personal side of his life and artistry.

Coupling that bold determination with great vision and insight as an artist, Century builds a portfolio of provocative musical snapshots that represent different periods of his life, the loves he keeps close and stark opinions on the humanitarian issues that concern him. Century balances the songs ruminating about matters of the heart with incisive observations about issues he can talk about for hours yet pares down to crisp, to the point lyrics that leave the listener room to contemplate and discuss.

After releasing two well received solo albums in Denmark – which earned him plenty of TV exposure and many live performances – in 2006, he formed his band Into Century, which was signed to Sony Music Denmark and released their debut album Into Your Sun. “Nobody’s Slave,” the band’s second release on Target Records, earned praise from music media in Germany, England, Sweden, Spain, Norway and Denmark and led to regular rotation on MTV and MTVu. While Into Century’s average audience when they played in the U.S. and Europe was in the 500 range, Jon Century also played concerts before 30,000 people on festival tour with his current producer Alexander Brown.

“I’m excited about the release of my first U.S. album, and of course I would love for the music to take hold and allow me to perform for even larger audiences and continue to fund new projects,” Century says. “Yet that’s not why I am making music. I’m doing it to transcend everything else I know in the world, to create something that adds beauty to life, simply because I can’t help myself and know of nothing else that brings me as much joy.”